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PLC Automation

In PLC automation, the software structure plays a key role in overall performance along the lifecycle of machine/system. In software development, we focus on proper modular structure. Since the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is used in the modular structure, the software has the flexibility/tendency to adapt to the machine evolution. Therefore, the later extensions and modifications in the process/machine, the software can simply be adjusted to the new requirements. Due to our software structure, we enable the customer to operate, adjust and adapt to the process through comprehensive parameters. The operator is also able to identify the system problems well in time due to the detailed status of the machine’s key performance indicators provided through visualization.


The human mind processes graphics and graphical information well, making graphics the ideal vehicle for conveying data. In the process automation also, the visualizations play a key role for process analysis and optimization. Our development team understands that importance and for every project a comprehensive yet easy to follow process visualization is ensured. In order to implement this, we use - among others - the tools like “Wago visualizations”. Visualization is developed also as an interface for the operator, thus the information is presented in a clear hence in detailed manner. Our motto is to reduce the down time of the system to an absolute minimum and visualization is considered as a principle tool to assist in achieving that motto.


If you plan to upgrade or optimize your running system, then a complete replacement of the system might not be the best decision. Generally full potential of production system in sense of cycle times and efficiency is not availed due to lack of optimization work. Miscalculated shift records and suboptimal management of production system can be factors of low productivity. This problem can be overcome by analysis and logging of individual events throughout the process with consistent accuracy. You can contact us, if facing any of the above mentioned issues. With proper measures, we can help you to accelerate overall mass production.

Database Management

We have good expertise in database structuring of complex control systems. Database management of processes, schedules and process parameters is a key requirement for improvement and optimization in the industrial systems. Due to our experience, we are able to do that job in the best possible manner for our customers. By using Modular approach and object oriented data handling we ensure high level of flexibility as well as distinct structure for your database. For the implementation of SQL database for the processes, we are your reliable contact.


We support the integrity, safety and reliability of the process, equipment and operations with creative technical solutions. Our expertise in process control ensures that regulations are met, while safety is considered at every stage without any risks involved. Contact us – and we shall find the best solution for you.

Start-up Service

Are you looking for start-up service support? In that case, you can trust on our professional staff. The practical field experience of our staff in start-up services can guarantee successful implementation of customer requirements. Our team can easily decode circuit diagrams and solve your technical faults professionally. We also provide project management of start-up on-site.


Key to get the best outcome is to properly train your team. A set of comprehensive instruction for the system operators can optimize the faults and be helpful to increase the production. We provide professional training services to personnel in both hardware and software, so that your staff can handle and utilize the adjustable parameters of the process to get optimum performance. Contact us and you will see the difference.

Control Cabinet Construction

We can provide the customer specified control cabinet construction while considering appropriate guidelines and regional standards into account and designing circuit diagram using E-Plan.

About Us

"We believe in service, excellence and reliability."

SPS Automations was founded in 2014 as a partnership developed between principal owners with backgrounds in Process Automation and Project Management. Our team has more than 10 years of combined industrial experience. Our projects include customized chemical batch processes, industrial automation, and remodeling projects for existing industrial systems.

Directly from the start we make sure that our work is completed till the promised time. The whole project is divided into stages and all measures are taken so that the time plans are fulfilled. Our clients enjoy working with us because of our personalized and professional approach. We take the time to learn about our client’s needs, goals and budget, to ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations.
The longstanding relationships of our teams with skilled partners allow us to source the control parts, supplies and equipment which meet best to individual requirements. We always strive to deliver high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

When you’re looking for a professional, reliable, and talented team for your new automated process which is build-out or remodeled as per your customized requirements then contact us. We’ll work with you from process specifications, requirements and timeline and will make sure that all required trainings and post project services meet your expectations.

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